Our Team

Your career at Front Line Roofing and Solar starts with a commitment from us. Being a local employer is an honor unlike any other. Good employment opportunities have the potential to bless families and communities more than almost anything else. That’s why we prioritize our employees and look for opportunities to help them thrive both personally and professionally.

Employee Highlights

Our employees make this company what it is. Here are a few of our exceptional team members. Each one of them has our thanks for providing this community with quality and reliable construction services:

  1. Jonathan Hansen-Perry: Jonathan Perry is a stand-out leader. He is someone who can be relied upon, trusted, and counted on. A seasoned professional, Perry brings powerful skills honed through his many years of experience. With a great ability to problem solve and attention to detail, Perry is a true craftsman, leader, and master of the trade.
  2. Cody Smith: Cody possesses a strong commitment to the team that is demonstrated by his profound dependability on every job. A true workhouse, he has a great attitude, great work ethic, and he goes the extra mile every time. Cody is the first to lend a helping hand and his team-player attitude is a key component to the team’s overall success.
  3. Owen Irvin: Owen brings positivity and a can-do attitude to every project. His dedication to learning and growing makes him a valuable asset to our team, bringing fresh perspectives and a strong work ethic to every project.
  4. Taylor Patton: Taylor boasts a growing skillset, dedication, and always shows up on time. With a strong focus on workmanship and safety, Taylor ensures homes are protected with precision and care and helps us serve the community one roof at a time.

We recognize that each employee at Front Line Roofing and Solar is an individual, with different strengths, talents, and goals. It’s our honor to serve not only the members of our community, but also the employees that offer their time and talent to benefit others.